Rituals and routines are crucial for first responders because of our shift work and sporadic schedules. It's easy to feel “lost” on your days off. If you don't direct your mind on what you want, then it will run wild like a toddler on a sugar rush.


Some of your most important rituals are morning and night. A great morning routine will set you up for a day full of success, while a night routine will help you slow down and relax before bed. But you don't need to listen to anyone who says “do these 10 things each morning to feel ______ (happier, motivated, etc.). Only you know the unique rituals and routines that will work best for you. If you haven't figured them out yet, then that means the answers are just hiding in your brain. Don't worry, I can show you how to find them ;)


Sticking with your rituals and routines isn't always easy – especially if you're stepping outside of your comfort zone (e.g. exercising every morning). That's why it's important to understand your brain's objections and overcome them. The best part is that once you've implemented your rituals and routines for a short-period of time, then your brain will automate the process – you won't have any more mind drama about it.


You can accomplish the daily habits and rituals that will set you up for success. I can help you.