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Stop bringing work home and have some f***ing fun!
You can live a fun, stress-free life without having to quit your job
Imagine ...
✔︎ taking control of your life
✔︎ having renewed passion for your career
✔︎ choosing which emotions you want to feel
✔︎ learning how to not just manage stress - but dominate it
✔︎ no longer worrying about your next shift
✔︎ being able to drop frustrations from previous incidents
✔︎ having deeper connections with your loved ones
✔︎ re-connect with old hobbies (and explore new ones)
✔︎ learning the true source of happiness

✔︎ having more f***ing fun!
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Why you're always thinking about work

They told you your "rookie enthusiasm" will wear off


They told you "that's just the way it is" after a few years on the job

They told you "you'll get used to it"

They told you that you don't talk about what's bothering you


They told you to compartmentalize

They told you that being miserable for 25 years of service is worth a good pension

Are you surprised that work is bothering you?


It isn’t your fault - and it actually has nothing to do with you as a person. 

Stress Dominance:

Beyond just coping with stress; the ability to control stress responses - and even prevent them from happening in the first place.
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Separating work from home means you get to enjoy both 

Dominating your work stress means that you can get back to enjoying your home life without thinking about work. In turn, you'll also get back to enjoying your job.
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"But I can't enjoy my free time because I'm always thinking about work.."

Between balancing work, family, kids, household chores, and everything else going on in your life.. taking time for yourself can seem daunting. It can even seem impossible. Where would you even find the time? Just thinking about adding anything else to your life seems exhausting.
You've tried all of the quick fixes..
You've done all the things that the "experts" told you to do to make yourself feel better. You drank green smoothies, you went to Mexico for a week, you exercised regularly, you tried getting 8-hours of sleep per night, you spent more time in the sun, etc. You might enjoy doing these things (okay, maybe not the green smoothies), but you still aren't enjoying your life as much as you'd like to.

▹ You're still stressing about work even when you're off-duty

▹ You still can't find the elusive "work-life balance"

▹ And now you feel even more lost because you still don't know how to "fix" it
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Believe me, as a first responder that used to always think about work, I completely understand your pain.
But, did you know there's actually a way to stop bringing work home..

▹ Without having to quit your job as a first responder

▹ Without having to overwhelm yourself

▹ Without "needing more time"

▹ Without doing things because you feel like you "should" be doing them

▹ Without having to "start your life over"

▹ Without it feeling like "work"

▹ Without needing your spouse to "buy into it"

▹ Without feeling guilty about taking time for yourself
Taking Off The Uniform

Taking Off The Uniform is a 10-week one-on-one coaching program teaching first responders to stop bringing work home and have some f***ing fun. You'll be able to apply this structured system and use the tools to eliminate stress both on- and off-duty, as well as enjoy your time off (without thinking about work).
Taking Off The Uniform
 Choose how you want to feel despite other people's actions

 Stop worrying about your next shift

 Drop your frustration from previous incidents

 Discover what fun looks like for you at this stage of your life

 Learn to enjoy the moment (without having to become a monk)
Taking Off The Uniform is the only life coaching program designed specifically to teach first responders how to disconnect from work!
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Applying what you learn from Taking Off The Uniform means you will have:

▹ Total control over your feelings and actions

▹ A deep understanding of the one, mathematical tool needed to change your life

▹ The ability to truly enjoy your time off without thinking about work

▹ The option of eliminating the stress of your job through "stress dominance"
What's inside Taking Off The Uniform

Phase 1: Building Bridges (Weeks 1-4)
▹ Learn the difference between stress management and stress dominance
▹ Take stock of your current self-limiting beliefs
▹ Set a personalized goal to disconnect from work and have more fun
▹ Create a strategy to reach your goal
▹ Learn and utilize the basic life coaching principles and tools

Phase 2: Advanced Stress Dominance (Weeks 5-6)
▹ Understand the difference between good and bad stress
▹ Learn and utilize advanced stress dominance techniques
▹ Drop your resistance to the current situation to easily reduce your stress by 50%
▹ Separate your emotions from the actions of other people
▹ E
liminate stress no matter the situation

Phase 3: Having Some F***ing Fun! (Weeks 7-8)
▹ Identify what fun looks like for you at this stage of your life
▹ Re-connect with fun activities (and explore new ones)
▹ Overcome the hurdle of "wanting to have fun but never committing to it"
▹ Enjoy the moment (without having to become a monk)

Phase 4: Wrapping It Up (Weeks 9-10)
▹ Revisit any concepts to ensure mastery
▹ Review accomplishments over the past ten weeks
▹ Take time to properly celebrate your wins
▹ Explore and decide on next steps in your life
"Wayne keeps me wanting to work hard each and every day and has helped me realize that I can be successful not only in my daily activities but in life itself. I am so grateful I made this life-changing choice to join "Life Coaching With Wayne"!
                                                                                                        - Kelli S.
There are currently only 4 spots left in Taking Off The Uniform.
Book your free discovery call now to see if you qualify!

Why you should choose me as your coach

My purpose is to prove to first responders that it's possible to thrive - not just survive - without having to quit their job.


I understand first responders because I've served as well. First responders choose our professions because of our intense desire to help others – to serve a higher purpose. We just want to make a difference in the world.


We deal with the worst human experiences including death and violence. We work 12+ hour shifts both day and night. We're on duty when our families are celebrating birthdays and Christmas. We give and give without asking for much in return. We tend to give so much to others that we forget to take care of ourselves.


That's why I'm here. I want to help you disconnect from work and enjoy your life through 1-on-1 coaching. I'll be with you every step of the way.

You're ready for Taking Off The Uniform if you are:
▹ Tired of feeling stuck

▹ Wanting "something more" from life

▹ Committed to stop bringing work home (even if you don't know how to get there yet)

▹ Willing to spend 10 minutes per day on worksheets (as well as 1 hour per week for 1-on-1 sessions)

▹ Curious to learning new tools and skills that will improve your quality of life

▹ Excited to take your life in a new direction

▹ Ready to book a discovery call to find out more
You're not ready for Taking Off The Uniform if you are:
▹ Reluctant to accept personal responsibility for your life

▹ Skeptical of trying something new

▹ Unwilling to spend 10 minutes per day on worksheets (as well as 1 hour per week for
1-on-1 sessions)

▹ Indifferent about changing your life

▹ Operating "below baseline" (i.e. not eating, showering, etc.; if you're in this situation, then counselling therapy would be more helpful)
My guarantee to you
▹ I will show up for you 100%
▹ I will provide a judgement-free space
▹ I will hold my belief in you even if you're not believing in yourself
▹ I will deliver more value than what you paid for
▹ I will give you additional support (e.g. more worksheets) if you want to increase your results
So now you have a choice:

You can pass on this program and keep living the same old daily routine, still wondering why you're not enjoying your life.
You can debate with yourself for a few hours or a few days, and maybe miss your opportunity entirely because you didn't take action.

Or, you can commit to investing in yourself now and book your free discovery call.

When you take decisive action, it instantly builds self-confidence. You may even notice that simply booking your discovery call will make you feel upbeat, energetic, and optimistic.

I'm just saying, don't be surprised if the extra "pep in your step" draws the curiousity of the people around you!

Q: Will this program really work?
A: If you put in the dedication, set aside the time to execute, and commit to following the steps - then yes, this program will help you stop bringing work home and have some f***ing fun. I have used the principles and practices within Taking Off The Uniform to reinvent my life - and have helped many others do so as well. Taking Off The Uniform is just the first time all of these principles and practices have been organized into a single program!

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: The cost of the program is $997 (taxes already included). The amount can either be paid in full or in two payments (of $525 each).

Q: Why are there only a limited number of spots left?
A: I limit the amount of clients I serve at any given time. I want to make sure that my attention is devoted to them during the program to ensure they have my full support. When all of the spots are filled, I begin a waitlist for future openings. So, if you're ready to start your new life NOW, then don't miss your chance!

Q: When will I be able to start my sessions?
A: Sessions can begin as soon as possible! (based on our mutual schedules, of course)

There are currently only 4 spots left in Taking Off The Uniform. This is your chance NOW to secure your spot before it's too late!